Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sleepless in Miami

Im dying over here. I want to leave this town for a bit. I want to explore the world. I want to take an adventure anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I love Miami. I just feel like I need a vacation. I would love to just get in my car right now and drive off for a weekend. Just pack my bags and head North. Someone please get me out of here !

I think for now I'll take an adventure where ever my dreams take me.
goodnight to all.

This made me laugh, I thought i should share.

hilarious ! (:


V. S said...

She kind of looks like you. A deranged you, maybe :)

Diana Paz said...

Oh wow, I grew up in Miami but moved to L.A. the summer before tenth grade. Maybe we should do a life swap for a week!

LittoMiss isuet said...

Vicky: lmfao. thanks.

Diana: maybe we should. I've never been to L.A. sounds like fun (: