Friday, November 27, 2009

j & i ; <3

our first thanksgiving together !

and many more to come (:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

gobble gobble !

have a happy thanksgiving, all of you !

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my PINK christmas list <3

PINK laptop

PINK camera

Vera Wang - Princess

Victoria Secret - Gift Card

Pink Samsung Behold

 PINK wallet

all of the above would be great ! (:

Monday, November 23, 2009

incredible !

completely underestimated Jacob.
for once i have to say,
Go Team Jacob ! (:
can't wait for Eclipse,
June 2010 !
7 months and counting...


perfect morning.

I wanna wake up and feel my heart beating,
beating for you.
waking and feeling your breath on my skin.
feeling your hands on my body,
feeling the sensation of your protective masculine touch,
surrounding every inch of me.

Our legs intertwined with one another.
the warmth from your heart aspiring to reach mine,
not realizing that my heart yearned for the same warmth towards you're heart.
Both seeking, craving one another, wanting to obtain each others heart and love.
Two hearts wanting to mesh together and become one, as a whole.
Both wanting to reach the point where without each other we couldn't breath,
we couldn't live without one another, we'd be lost.

my favorite quote:

the ignorance of beauty.

sometimes i sit here thinking and wish that you could see you through my eyes. Just so you could see, see the beauty that lies within. The beauty of you that i cant ignore. That beauty that always caught my attention. The beauty that keeps me wanting more. You're soul is the purest I've ever encountered. I look into your eyes and i know. I know that you're the real thing. I know you wont hurt me. i know you're going to be there through everything that comes my way, or any obstacle that thinks its going to break us. I know deep in my heart, it wont, because you are here with me confronting and fighting against it.
i know it's you. i just know.


one million thoughts running through my mind, and it kills me. You keep making choices that keep hurting me and they don't stop coming. they are like a waterfall, hitting me one after the other nonstop.
nonstop questioning you, nonstop imagining the wrong things.
this waterfall keeps breaking me down.
breaking down my faith and hope.
breaking every little piece of my happiness.
breaking the connection that i feel with you everyday,
just for these moments i lose that connection.
i lose the faith, i lose the hope..
then i reach for your hand, look into your eyes,
and hear you're words.
my worries disappear.
its that simple for you, just make me believe in you.
help me keep faith in you, help me have hope.


great results require great ambitions.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


you find yourself searching for the words to describe what you feel,
but nothing comes to mind.
There is no explaining this cause its like nothing you've ever felt before.
How do you express what your feeling when you don't
even know what is happening to you? 
How do you say how much you love a person when
this person is your life, your world, your everything?
How do you explain that? for me its difficult.
All i can say is that
when he smiles it feels like a ray of sunshine beaming at me.
When he's sad it feels like my insides are being torn out,
it brings me pain to see him hurt.
When he sleeps it brings me sanity to watch him be at peace with the world.
When he looks at me its like i want to burst into tears cause he's mine.
He's my reason, he's my weakness, he's my strength,
every minute with him makes everyday better.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

never forget.

I'll never forget that day in class. That day was another boring day at school. We had a new subject to learn in math. I was completely lost. I kept asking the teacher the same question over. I just couldn't seem to understand the problem. As i asked again, the same question, i heard a soft whisper coming from the back of the room followed by a distant laughter. I was so enraged to hear someone mocking me. As i slowly turned, I realized that it was the new girl laughing and complaining about me because i was not understanding the problem. I spotted her through the people in the room and just stared. She changed from laughing to smiling. I was ready to tell her off, when I turned back I finally understood the problem. I was still upset that she laughed but it was alright, I wasn't going to let her get to me. The rest, like they say, is history. Little did I know, that one day that stuck-up preppy new girl, would be the BEST best friend a girl could ever ask for, an amazing sister, and my future wife <3

Victoria Saavedra is the greatest!

anywhere but here.

Right now, I'd be anywhere but here.
Anywhere but here, sitting in this room all alone.
looking around, I see the empty bed,
the little bit of light shining from the closet door,
the silence of the night is taking over.

& not having you here beside me is like not having the air i need to breath.
Slowly this feeling eats away at me.
This feeling that I've grown to know, won't go away until your here in my arms.
I'm stuck, stuck here while your there.
Oh please, anywhere but here.

two hearts, as one.

I didn't think that this love could grow stronger, but it has.
It grows stronger everyday. Every time we overcome any obstacle in our way, 
we grow stronger as o n e
We keep growing t o g e t h e r more and more everyday. 
Learning how to treat and respect one another.
We learn how to keep each other from hurting in any way, 
but most importantly when we n e e d one another, we are there for each other.
Our love is not forced, it comes natural.
Its genuine, its REAL.

breaking all the rules.

We all live in fear of losing the person we love. We'll do anything to keep them by our side.
After being in many pointless relationships, one learns whats right or wrong, what leads to good things or bad things. We keep precaution of any repeats, or signs that will inevitably lead to the same mistakes that occurred in other relationships. Its not really about comparing, its more about not wanting to lose hope in someone that you thought wouldn't make those same choices.
You thought you found someone who would never even think about doing those things to you, then you find out that you've fallen back into the same place where you left off. And what sucks the most is that no matter how wrong their choices are, you cant end the relationship, even though you always said you would never allow that again. You truly love this guy. It's real. What do you do?

Well if he loves you enough, he'll fix it somehow.
Which is what he does for me.
& for that, I'll love him forever.