Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a leap of faith.

its not easy to begin something new. It takes a leap of faith & trust in the other person. You know its worth it when the other person will do just about anything to make you happy. They make you laugh and never cry. They keep you smiling all day and never frown. They let you be yourself and never have to pretend to be someone your not. They never leave your mind. They are all you can think about all the time. You just wanna hold their hand. You catch yourself daydreaming about seeing their face. Its scary. But its a great feeling and all we need is a little faith to keep us from running away. This person might be what you've been waiting for. Not everyone is going to break your heart or hurt you. You never know this person might actually be different.

catch like fire.

maybe our love will catch like fire;
as it burns through me.
-the afters.*

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

finding someone to blame.

when we say "we dont care what people think"...
do we really mean it? do we actually not care?
i believe that we all care at some point.
whether you believe me or not, our peers
do have some sort of say in our choices.
especially those close to us more than others.
we do it out of fear, for we fear the unknown.
we believe that if our peers agree with our choices
it will no longer be unknown & we will have
someone else to blame, not just ourselves.

is love real?

we always have moments in life where we wonder what love is...
how can we be sure that what we feel really is love?
im sure we were born to love but sometimes you may think you love someone & surprisingly, you don't. love is a four letter word that is easily tossed around. i think we should only say it when we actually mean it. how do you know though? how do you actually know what you feel is REAL LOVE? i have "loved" 3 men in my life; but at the end of the day i still don't believe that i ever did.

love, where are you?