Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Last Song.

Its official im on a Nicholas Sparks rampage. I just finished reading Dear John, and im an emotional wreck. The book is amazing. I read all day and night yesterday. I cant explain how inspiring this book was. It taught me that love is such a strong feeling. That it can last a lifetime. That no matter what happens we'll never stop loving. That when you truly love someone, you just want that person to be happy. Even if it means that that person isn't meant to be with you. Of course, its going to kill you from the inside out. And yes, you'll cry your eyes out asking yourself what you did wrong, but at the end of the day you have to be strong and focus on finding yourself something else that makes you happy. For me it all happened in one day, I shared a very special moment with my father and we hugged -- something we haven't done since i was a little girl -- and I think it was much needed on a day like yesterday when we both needed someone to care about us. Just someone to say its okay, everything is going to be fine. The worst part was that after this moment passed all I wanted to do was speak to the one person in the world that doesn't want anything to do with me. That was hard. That's never happened to me before and it was hard to hold my emotions in, but as always my mother is always there and of course my best friend in the world. Both did everything possible to comfort me with the hell of a day I had. Anyways, sorry Im rambling on about stuff you probably don't want to hear, but it just keeps coming out. So I've decided to read The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks also. And the movie comes out in April of this year. I can't wait. Once again thank you Hayley from The writer's Hollow. You have no idea how much this book meant to me. 

For those of you who haven't seen the trailer of The Last Song, click on the link below:

trust me, Im sure that its going to be another amazing book.
Im off to go buy it.

The Last Song

"when  the waves are flooding the shore,
and I can't find my way home anymore
that's  when I look at you."
-Miley Cyrus.


V. S said...

Beautiful post. I love you.

Bethany Mattingly said...

I remember having a similar reaction to this book. :) It was a beautiful read.

LittoMiss isuet said...

Vicky:i love you too !

Bethany: yes it is.
I can't wait for the movie.
thanks for commenting ! (: