Thursday, January 14, 2010

creative writing.

I am sitting in biology class learning about molecules and living organisms and all I can think about is reading Dear John ! So far i've only had time to read three chapters, which is killing me, because I want to find out what happens between Savannah and John. This book has me hooked. Nicholas Sparks always writes the best novels. Sparks has an intriguing way of showing human relationships and dilemmas that are never boring, always making you want to turn to the next page.

On the other hand, I just left my creative writing class and we had to turn in our first assignment today. We had to observe people and writing about them. The catch was that we could only show and there was no telling allowed. I have to admit that for me it was extremely difficult. I am not as experienced with writing that way and not being able to tell the reader something. I will say that the result of what I wrote was much better than what I usually write. And my teacher was shocked at how well I completed this assignment.

Below I will post my assignment, let me know what you guys think:

He sat up from the wooden chair. His sweater was white as the snow falling outside the glass window. The wind was beginning to pick up, and it was well near freezing outside. Everything covered by this plush pale ice, and when you touched it, it would numb your hand. Suddenly the expression on his face confused me. It went from a smirk to his lips pressing into a hard line. He had just been fine a moment ago, sipping on his coffee, reading quietly. I began to turn my head around and discreetly catch a glimpse of what caused the shocked look on his face.

    I spotted a young girl kissing a boy. Their clothes matched perfectly. Her brown Ed Hardy boots caught my attention, not a cheap item at any store. As I turned my head back the boy’s cheeks grew red and his sea green eyes bulged from their pale sockets. He rushed toward the glass window and rubbed his eyes, his fingers passed over his eyebrows, making the hairs stand and twist. His eyes grew wider as he pressed his nose against the window, his hands plastered flat on the glass. The couple stopped for a breath of air. The boy by the window banged against it, in horror, trying to catch their attention.

    The couples eyes let go of their lock and traveled to the window. They dropped their entwined fingers and almost lost their balance trying to separate from each other. The girl stood shocked. Her eyes opening, making the white over power her blue irises. Her body froze as if a bucket of ice cold water had just been thrown on top of her. The boy leaned on his right foot then left, hands in his pockets, eyes avoiding the glass window.  The boy on the other side of the window turned furiously, stomping his feet, cheeks flaming red. The girl placed her hand against the glass, her nails scraping against it as her lower lip trembled. Her fingers curled into tiny fists, she gripped her hands together so hard her knuckles turned white. She turned slowly, her hair falling in front of her face, covering her blue eyes as she faced the boy she was locking lips with before.
    The boy stared back at her, biting his lip, hesitating to say something, his lips opening and closing. Her legs began to tremble and her hand instinctively gripped her stomach, her lips pressed together, resisting the feel of something rising in her throat. He began to turn, his legs bending, his toes pressing against he ground, making the leather on his sneakers crack. She reached out her free hand, leaning to grab him. His eyes turned a subtle red and formed a glossy layer as he turned and walked away, shoulders hunched, hands one again in his pockets.

Thanks for reading ! (:



V. S said...

It was really good. Class was fun today.

Keep writing :)